Monday, December 27, 2010

TRON tributes

OK, so I dig the new TRON: Legacy movie and Daft Punk soundtrack.

So, I thought I'd check in on a few artists I follow, and see if they're doing anything TRON-inspired.

Turns out, yes -- so here are a few that I particularly liked:

Sam Flynn by *stanlydan on deviantART

CLU 2 by *stanlydan on deviantART

Gangsta-Tron Cover by ~mase0ne on deviantART

Tron - Buzz enters the Grid by ~iamclu on deviantART

Ghost Rider- TRON-ified by `diablo2003 on deviantART (this is my personal favorite out of all 5 of Marc Brooks TRON Marvel covers from last month -- I like this kind of synergy).

MARVEL TRON by *Enymy on deviantART (But check out the winners and runners-up -- especially David Murdoch's Magneto piece, or all of the Deviant Art-hosted entries).

Just a sampling of the awesome stuff you can do with figs and parts from Onell Designs. These may replace Stikfas for me (depends how they are to animate).