Sunday, January 23, 2011

Updated Acting Resume

In addition to my blog updates, I've refreshed my acting resume (both HTML and PDF versions), available both from my site, and from the folder on my LinkedIn profile. There are some new video game and industrial gigs listed.

(It also felt like a good time to update my toy job print and profile resumes on LinkedIn, too.)

Sunday, January 02, 2011

The Blogs are Back in Town ...

Guess who just got back today?
Them useful blogs that had been away
How they've changed, got a lot to say
But man, I still think them posts are crazy

They were asking if you had freedom
How you was, if you were readin'
Told them you were readin' all 'round
Driving digirati crazy

The blogs are back in town
The blogs are back in town
I said
The blogs are back in town
The blogs are back in town
The blogs are back in town
The blogs are back in town
The blogs are back in town
The blogs are back in town

(With sincere, sincere apologies to Thin Lizzy.)

And apologies to you, because my multitude of blogs have been on a too-long hiatus, and now they're back in force.

Between changes with and my Web hosting company changing how they were handling CName records -- my blogs got broken sometime last year. Add to that me being wicked busy at the toy job, and content itself has been light -- and a lot of what was there over the last year has been lost because of changes to the two not-so integrated services above. Sucky.

Anyway, due to me recently re-recognizing the importance of staying in touch with y'all through my postings, I've rebranded and reposted my blogs. To avoid further CName problems (and to take advantage of Google's various integrated media services), I've moved all of my blogs to be hosted by Blogger:

Apologies for the pseudo l33t speak of the titles, but since the blogspot goldrush has long-since passed, I needed to pick consistently unique named titles for each of my blogs.

Now, any time I make a new post to any of my blogs, notices will automatically post to Twitter (the World) and Facebook (Friends only). Posts from my game industry and acting blogs will also post automatically to my LinkedIn profile (Professional Network). Check out the post, "My so-called (connected gamer) life" over at my Gaming blog for the details for how I'm piping data back and forth.

Nothing should have changed for the RSS feeds, since I re-pipe all of those through my existing FeedBurner account, and kept the outward-facing URLs the same.

That's it for now -- more Freedom of Speechish fodder soon.