Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Google Voice transcript of a pocket dial

Google Voice is really cool and useful for me.

It's also occasionally hilarious as it tries to transliterate incoming voice mail.

Today, someone accidentally pocket-dialed me.

Here's the first (innocuous) part of the transcript:
"How, hey. Why don't they. I don't know how the bye people. Hey, give me a only, okay. Hey Joe of. I will talk to you soon. No Cleaning. Yay. Goodbye alright call bye here. Hey Nothing getting here. Have a great day. Bye. Allow and dinner. Yeah. Okay bye. He has a cellphone, hey all that what's going on, and I could go. But hey in it, or Yahoo. Com. Hey, bye bye everything you bye bye that weird looks like we're here, hey. Ohh. Hello, blah blah blah blah blah. Her bye bye, hey. But hey, some other things. Hope things are going to you later. Bye, it's, hey i love you, hey baller. Bye. You Okay bye. Peace. But if you can, hey hey. The. Hey, and and Yeah, it was. Hey, ohh bye. Hello. Hey, hi this is Yeah, hey."
Then, **** gets dark:
"You know you are you. Hello. Hi, Just wondering, reply. I wonder if I had a death wish today. I did not have a lot. Hey, so I will not work."
I think my phone has issues. And is projecting...