Friday, May 20, 2005

"If I start crying up here, it's because of the kind of day I've had... Catharsis."

I caught Ryan DeSiato's set tonight at Momo's Club.

Yeah, I was there for a Collier Talent Agency group B-Day. But, face it, a live music venue isn't the best place to chit-chat and get caught up, and I can only take so much "OMG-you're-a-Taurus-too?"

Ryan absolutely rocked. And crooned. The guy is a blast to listen too, amazing to watch, and someone I'm going to try catch whenever I can.

I'm particularly taken with "Minefield" and "Empty Handed", which should be on his new upcoming album (he was in the studio last week recording).

"Ryan DeSiato, simply put, makes music for people who give a damn."

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