Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I had a great audition for a SAG national commercial for Chevy yesterday, which would be absolutely suh-weet to book!

The best part? I was auditioning as a fly fisherman, so I was there in a nice casting shirt, vest, and had my incomparable Sage fly rod in hand and at the ready.

Since I'm a lifetime fly fisherman (roughly a quarter decade and counting), it'd be a shame if my authenticity in the role didn't land me this part. How cool would it be to do two things I love (and I'm good at) -- acting and fly fishing -- and get paid for it?

The audition was at CastingWorks LA (I really like auditioning there, because I know exactly what's expected).

We'll see what shakes out, but man it would rock to get this one ...

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