Saturday, July 21, 2007

Booked a voice commercial ...

Yesterday afternoon I got one of my favorite calls from my agent:
"Can you be downtown in two hours to a voice commercial?"
I seriously love that. Gets my adrenaline and excitement about the work up, no time (and no point) in getting nervous, and makes me feel honored to be picked based on past work.

The gig is for an upcoming radio commercial, and the session was at The Production Block, the studio where I cut my voice acting teeth (and my first demo, incidentally). Going to The Block for a gig is like going home -- nice and comfortable, and lets me just focus on the work.

Top-to-bottom I was there for under a half an hour, and got to work with Bill Harwell (VP and Studio Engineer) for the first time. Bill was great, gave clear direction, is very pleasant and professional, and is a great engineer.

Honestly, all of the folks at the The Block are fantastic, and it's fantastic to walk out of a good studio session and have a production copy of the final mixed spot in my mailbox the same evening.

Good way to start a weekend....

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