Monday, April 04, 2011

Transformers versus westerns

I ran across this snippet of conversation I jotted down back when my oldest daughter had just turned 5, when she was looking at a few of my original generation toys:
DAUGHTER: "Who are the good guys?" 
DADDY: "The Autobots." 
DAUGHTER: "Are they white?" 
DADDY: "No. They're all colors." 
DAUGHTER: "Oh. Who are the bad guys?" 
DADDY: "Decepticons." 
DAUGHTER: "Who's the white one?" 
DADDY: "Megatron." 
DAUGHTER: "Is he good?" 
DADDY: "No, he's the leader of the bad ones." 
DAUGHTER: "Oh. Daddy?" 
DADDY: "Yes?" 
DAUGHTER: "I thought good guys were white." 
DADDY: "In Westerns, Honey. Not in Transformers." 
DAUGHTER: "Oh. Daddy?" 
DADDY: "yes?" 
DAUGHTER: "What are Westerns?"

(Can't wait until she's old enough to watch Fistful of Dollars ...)

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