Wednesday, March 23, 2005

More interesting folks on airplanes ...

More interesting folks on airplanes ...

OK, sometimes when I'm on an airplane I just want to be left alone to sleep, or need to be left alone to work.

Usually, I'm fighting my fascination with people, to see if my seat mate will take interest in me.

So it was tonight from SFO to Phoenix with James, CEO of Patrons of Art, LLC, a company that represents mid- and end-term artists to keep their stuff in shows and galleries, so they don't fade into obscurity, and are "more than starving artists."

James has done a lot of stuff (and is very proud of his accomplishments), and as a self-proclaimed "eligable straight bachelor in the art gallery world", is a bit of an abberation, if not a total freak in this particular vertical market.

Check out his company at

Heh. Reads like "Patrons o' Fart".

Wonder if James knows that?

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