Monday, March 14, 2005

SXSW is in full swing!

I went to an after party last night for Southern Belles, directed by Paul S. Myers and Brennan Shroff.

The party was hosted by the studio and Collier Talent Agency, because my agent and the film's producer used to agent at Abrams together.

Since the allergy capital of the world has been kicking my butt for the last several days, I was less than engaging, and really sucked it up on the meet-n-greet front.

I did chat a bit with Will Wallace, amd I'm stoked about his next film -- whether or not I'm in it (seriously, I carry the script around in my bag; it's that fun). Also met Craig, and I'm embarrassed to say I missed his last name and how he knew Will. (Hey, I said I was having an off night.)

I chatted briefly with funny man Rob Nash, Kristi Wright, and Anika Kunik, and Richard Ricks. I also met Brett, who's new to Collier Talent. I haven't seen his work yet, but he seems like a nice guy.

I also met Michael Conway, the writer behind Termination, in which Anika costars. Termination screens at the new Alamo Drafthouse on South Lamar March 12/17/19 at 11:00/11:15/11:30 a.m.

When things started to wind down (little bit) at party spot Lucky Lounge, fellow actor's Tom Procida and Elizabeth Mason ducked out to Halcyon for a late-night dinner (their paninis aren't half-bad).

Then I called it a night. Yeah, not an interesting ending, but an ending nonetheless.

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