Wednesday, April 06, 2005

I spent the afternoon filming a brief gig with writer/director Storme Wood. Storme helmed "The Emmisary" for the 2004 48 Hour Film Project, where "teams have just one weekend to make a short film. All creativity-writing, shooting, editing and adding a musical soundtrack-must occur in a 48 hour window beginning Friday evening at 7 and ending Sunday at 7."

Last year, Storme's team ("Eleven 72") took home a few awards, including the "Audience Award", "Best Use of Line of Dialogue", and "Best Directing".

The scene we shot today is a tie-in to local mega-church Gateway Community's "Sex in the City" series. The clip'll see 4 showings this Saturday and Sunday, in front of 2,000 to 3,000 attendees. Not bad.

My co-star is Elizabeth Wheat, who I ran into a few weeks ago (and is an absolutely stunning gal).

The scene is, uh, a "morning after" scene with two folks who realize they may have made a terrible mistake. That's what happens; what it's about is open ... ;-)

Storme was fun to work with, the shoot was casual, moved forward at a good pace, and was very comfortable.

Acting buddy Adam Langley even stopped by for a while to grip. Talented and versatile ...

Oh, and we shot at "Dan the Fireman's" house. Even though not in the Biz, he's a totally cool guy, with a fantastic house just off of downtown that he's gutted and remodeled himself over the last two years. I am seriously impressed at his craftsmanship.

Let me know if you catch the scene -- and I'll try to post it here for you soon.

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