Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Now I'm down in it.

I restarted my professional film acting class with Van Brooks Monday night.

This class lets me continue with fellow actors, reunite with sometime class/project buddies, and meet some new folks.

Van's goal for the class is to challenge all of us to a whole new level -- even above what we were able to accomplish in the last class.

My goals? To have an absolute blast in class, and feel joy in my work. To be able to shove the massive amount of homework I do for me in a role in my back pocket and not get my head about it. And to remove any unneeded layers between my choices and my being the character.

Nobody but me handed out business cards, so if I misspell names, it's their fault ... ;-)

I'm continuing with fellow actors Laurie Coker, Anika Kunik, Kristi Wright, and Chris.

Class reunited me with previous class/project alumns Rocky, Todd Sauders (the Roadhouse Relics artisan), Kendra (all mentioned a few weeks ago), and Richard Ricks.

I also got to watch new folks work: Carrie Hamilton, Carley, and Errich P.

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