Saturday, August 13, 2005

I met with a couple of folks, Rocky and Sunee Conly, from Campus Crusade for Christ International last night.

Rocky's working with the CCCi national media team, so we wanted to connect, see what each other was up to, and explore possible opportunities for working together.

Watching the clips, I'd say Rocky's been a part of some nice short films, and some big-gun industry folks have been participating. The stuff is pretty amazing, and the Conlys themselves (part of a bigger team), were really fun to hang around and chat with.

Check out their blog. Look through the media team's portfolio and download their recent International short film. I'm impressed that these are religious films that not only don't suck, but our, really, really good.

And, like me, Rocky is a not-so-closet video gamer.

Both Rocky and Sunee are using their considerable gifts for religious ministry, which means they're totally dependent on financial commitments from other people (there's a concrete example of "faith"). If you feel like you can help them out, be sure to contact them through their blog.

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