Tuesday, August 02, 2005

VO audition until 2 a.m. last night

Granted, it was an MP3 audition, and it was so late because the Reel Women monthly mix went so late. And my PC mic conked out, so I was reduced to recording my sessions into my digital voice mail, Emailing them to myself, running them through a filter to reduce the phone tinniness (without changing the audio quality), then saving them as an MP3. Plus I have a head cold, so I had to do a bunch of takes to Email to my rocking (and understanding and collaborative) agent to pick the best and forward on.

Anything for a gig.

So, what was the gig that had me working so hard? Can't say :-) . But I can tease: It'd be narration for a feature\documentary for an activity that could be labeled "redneck" or "white trash", but in reality involves some talented, athletic, entertaining, and fun-loving folks, and it's with a professional company with whom I've wanted to work for some time. I may have said too much....

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