Saturday, June 10, 2006

Voice over audition today

I had a good, quick voice over audition for a partially animated upcoming film, Tysus and Ziana.

Alex Lawrence and company made it a good, comfortable audition, and I got to read for a couple of parts (the titular main character and a "death knight" (which is so cool)) a couple of times.

Tysus and Ziana is what I'll call a fantasy piece (so that I don't give too much away), and from the couple of sides I cold read, it's pretty well written and not hoky -- which is tough to do with fantasy (seriously; watch Tom Cruise in Legend; and that's Ridley Scott).

I realized today I haven't auditioned at the Dougherty Arts Center since Nightlife (I so could have been a vampire, or jaded journalist, or whatever), and there's something sentimental and real that I like about the experience (it's not the parking, though; definitely not the parking -- freaking construction).

The audition was short, because there was no wait, and I have a mongo sinus infection, so I had to hold myself together and get my voice where it needed to be for a brief window before I said "thank you" and bailed so I could cough my lung up in the parking lot next to my truck (seriously, check the parking lot west of the Dougherty Arts Center; it's probably still there, angry and flopping around like a salmon that just got a bad haircut).

Anyway, short audition, but enjoyable, and the folks seemed together and pleasant.

I do need to stand during auditions, even when they have chairs and ask me to have a seat. Unless it's industrial VO, why sit?

This is part one of my possible "3 days, 3 auditions", with this being the committed fantasy, tomorrow possibly being campy, and Monday being the most emotionally demanding audition I've ever done. Diversity of roles is one of the things I love about being an actor.

I need to decide whether to do tomorrow's audition, and I pray to get to do Monday's before I fly out of town...

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