Friday, June 02, 2006

I bought something because it was on sale ...

Please understand, I don't buy things just becuase they're on sale. I buy them because I want them, or because I "need" them (loosely speaking).

Yesterday, I bought something I neither "needed", nor wanted (necessarily).

I went in to (grudgingly) buy one thing, and there was a "half-price off the second" deal going on. So I rooted around until I found something that I actually had forgotten at one time I thought I "needed", and bought it.

I don't do that. Usually.

And what was I buying?

Shoes. Freaking. shoes.

I don't buy shoes, either, but I'd had this pair for 4 years, and the inside soles, outside soles, and laces had all finally given out. So I was (grudgingly) buying shoes. Which I don't do. Generally.

And I bought two pairs, only because the second pair was on sale.

I don't buy shoes. I don't buy things just because they are on sale.

Usually. Except this time.

I don't know me anymore ...

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