Thursday, September 28, 2006

It's almost like not working ...

Things like this every once in a while are really nice.

Tonight I shot an industrial for Centex Destination Properties out at Horseshoe Bay, a resort built against constant-level Lake LBJ.

This place was gorgeous (probably still is, but I'm not there now). I got paid to tool around a golf cart on the Slick Rock Course, trying not to dump my super-sexy co-star Angela Rawna and our cart off of a water fall.

Got paid ... to not ... jump a cart off a waterfall ... at a resort.

Kinda surreal. Good surreal, not bad surreal (bad surreal is that dream where I'm "accidently" getting kissed by a sexy nurse who turns into a guy cousin of mine I haven't seen for 15 years).

Sure, I had to schlepp an hour and a half each way, and there's probably political capital burned at work for my leaving early at the end of BigHugeCorp's fiscal year, but like I'm going to complain?

Anyhoo, good gig, and the production crew (including amazing makeup maven Pamela) was tight -- super professional and talented and an incredible blast. I'm seriously bummed they're located in North Carolina, because I will travel to work with people like that.

And the amazing Katherine Willis was there, too, but her gig was after ours. On a 24-foot boat. I'd say she's a jerk but she earned it; I am seriously impressed with that chica.

Feeling good tonight. Kinda takes the bad taste of last night's Meisner class out of my mouth ...

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