Saturday, September 02, 2006

Interviews on the video game voice over front

If, like me, you're into voice acting for video games, GameInformer Unlimited has three new interviews:
  • Lev Chapelsky (the luminary behind Blindlight)
  • Cam Clarke (voice actor behind The Tick's Die Fledermaus, Akira's Kaneda, and Metal Gear Solid's Liquid Snake, and more)
  • Jennifer Hale (voice actor behind Metal Gear Solid II, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty ("except on the original films"), Jonny Quest, Iron Man, and more)
The Chapelsky interview is new, and different from one done some time ago in the print magazine. And all three are the full interviews -- not what's in the print mag.

To get to these articles, you need to be a subscriber to the mag, with the easiest (and cheapest) way being to get a GameStop Value card. Ten bucks gets you 10 issues, extra trade in value, and other goodies; if you're a gamer, why wouldn't you? Seriously, this is one of the better gamer pubs out there.

Also, here are the links to the above folks' official sites:

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