Thursday, August 31, 2006

Last night was rough...

I had a better week last week, and more important repetitions outside of class than I did last night.

I was so bad I got put into "Meisner Chair Jail" (Steve said it wasn't, but it was).

Steve was justifiably upset last night. He was calling for a someone to step up and be a leader for the rest of the class.

I feel like the two things for which God made me are acting and leadership. With Meisner, I can't seem to do either.

And my greatest strength? I'm a thinker. And I can't intellectuallize this stuff.

It doesn't help that my body has been so screwed up the last few days from massive allergies.

Great, I'm screwed on the mental, emotional, and physical fronts. Nice.

I'm having a peach of a day.

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