Thursday, August 03, 2006

Michael Bay, please cast me to voice the Transformers

Dear Michael Bay,

I'm writing to let you know how important it is that you cast me for the Transformers movie.

I'm a huge Transformers fan, but not in a creepy, disassociated from reality kind of way.

I realize the live actors have been cast, but I'm a voice and film actor, so it's not too late to cast me as one (or several) of the Autobots and/or Decepticons.

Look, I've loved the Transformers since giving up outside play time as a child to watch Optimus Prime rally his troops and foil Megatron and cronies' attempts to steal energy from Atlantis, rocket launches, Dinosaur Island, and the sun. I've watched Spike become an Autobot. I've rooted for Starscream's repeated attempts at mutiny.

Hey, you cast the incredible Peter Cullen to reprise his original role as Optimus (thank you!), so you obviously get how important appropriate casting for this film is to fan boys.

Um, I even have all of the original toys. Yes, the metal ones from the 80s. Seriously. Even Megatron as a Walther P.38 (why has there never been a Transformers/James Bond crossover?). I'm going to pick up the Optimus re-issue, and even the new metal War Within Optimus (I totally get taht redesign). I think I'll have Captain America and Optimus face off against Megatron and the Red Skull on my office desk.

Speaking of the War Within Optimus, I have all of the IDW Publishing Transformers comic books -- it's not like I let my love of the franchise go cold after the first animated Transformers movie, then stoked the flames when the new movie was announced. (I have the old Marvel Transformers comic books too; Spider-Man's not making a cameo in your movie, is he?)

Do please thoughtfully consider my request to add my voice to your film.

I'm a voice actor. I'm a Transformers fan.

Seriously, assuming my head doesn't explode when you call to make the offer, could there be a better match of actor and fan for voicing characters from one of the greatest franchises of all time?

You can get a hold of me through my agent (, who is amazing and professional and great to work with.

I'm really looking forward to hearing from you!

Best Regards,

--- Adam Creighton

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