Monday, September 25, 2006

Voice over today

A director with whom I've done a few gigs called me today and asked if I could come down and do some voice over for him today.

He's talented, a good guy, and knows his stuff. So I said yes.

The piece is an on-spec political advertisement for a state representative race. All positive, no mud, and short and to the point.

I haven't done any political ads previously, but this was basically a "it's OK, this guy'll take care of you" kind of industrial vibe (which I have done), and pretty easy going.

Outside of that, I can't articulate how jazzed I am a director with whom I've worked called me for a gig, I was able to jet down and do the work, and then get back to the toy job with no hiccup or interruption o' those important things. Almost surreal, as I think about it.

And the turnaround was so fast, the dialog hadn't been written, so the director was feeding me lines over the headset, I'd tweak, we'd agree, then roll. We got into a pretty good groove.

That's a good way to spend 1.5 hours (end-to-end)...

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