Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Big weekend ...

For me, a lot of it is all about the journey.

I really want be growing. Constantly and in Big Ways. Physically. Emotionally. Spiritually. Intellectually.

It's not like I have a choice about growing. But rather than just growing older, fatter, more lazy, and more comfortable, I hope I can constantly force a positive upswing when I look at my life from end to end ("end" being whatever "now" is).

This weekend was a good growing weekend as I ducked out for a focused retreat for three days. Good growing, but tiring.

There was stuff I learned or reaffirmed about myself, and validations and inspirations for my acting, everywhere.

Like this thing:

Saturday night, I caught a band. The drummer was in his Plexiglas drummer's box, and the guy -- who I've watched a lot -- was under serious emotion, and it had nothing to do with his performance, per se. I mean, his face was contorting with it. I could see occasional tears coming down his face.

And here's the thing: He kept playing. He didn't miss a beat, didn't slow down, didn't give up. He came with whatever he had, knew his stuff so much by heart, performed with the emotion, rather than be impeded by it.

There's a lesson there for me as an actor.

Whatever I show up with is OK. Whatever else is going on, I have a job to do, and if I have my stuff so memorized and ingrained in me, intense emotion is at worst not a deterrent, but at best enhances my performance.

And it is what it is, regardless.

This was freaking cool picture to see and get and by which to be motivated for my own artistic craft.

There was other stuff, but this is enough for now ...

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