Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Mixer last night ...

So Monday night was the inaugural north version of the Reel Women Monthly Mix.

Attendance was a bit light, which I hope doesn't hurt the effort moving forward, but there was a good group of folks there.

I got returning actor Adam to come along, and introduced Jason to this generally productive networking opportunity Reel Women creates.

I got to say hi again to Reel Women chair Sherry, TEXFX dude Gary, awesome DP Mark, and special effects/makeup artist Meredith.

I also met a slew of new folks (which I really enjoy), like screenwriter/producer Jamie, writer/director Debra, music dude Dominique, and actresses Priya and Laticia (love that outrageous french accent!).

I was bummed a few folks who told me they would be there weren't, because I think they would have enjoyed it.

But it was a good time, and I'm excited for the next north iteration of the mixer.

Then Adam and I took Jason and introduced him to Halo 2 and Rocketball ...

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