Monday, February 19, 2007

When robots and dolls collide ...

We've established that I like toys. I'm also a creative type, so I appreciate other creative types.

And when the two are merged? Get outta town.

Anyway, I recently discovered Steve Strawn's Splut photography. Seriously good stuff.

In particular, I like his "robots" display, and his dolls display (though it could probably be named "robots versus dolls (robots are winning)". My favorites in this latter set are either "Victory" (a la Full Metal Alchemist) or "Freedom" (seriously cracked me up).

From his Gawker profile:

"Steve Strawn decided to take the things of his childhood, specifically robots and dolls, and combine them with his current sensibilities. His photographs not only emphasize the coolness of robots, or illustrate the creepiness of dolls, but also the awesomeness of the combination of the two."

"Primarily a photographer, he has recently branched out from attempting to capture the perfect shattering wine glass to a wider exploration of the underlying pathos of a boy that had younger sisters."

Wisdom, that.

But what really struck me is Steve's "About" non-bio. Authentic stuff about being stuck in the technical aspects that keep us from transcending. I really get that.

So, check out Where else outside of a daycare (and maybe Japan) are you going to see robots wreaking mass havoc on dolls?

Oh, and as an FYI, I like Flickr, but it's gotten so huge it's hard to find the gems, so I constrain myself to "known" folks. Like Schneeman's photos -- another source of regular inspiration. And I find pointers to good stuff in Flickr from other sources (like Gawker).

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