Monday, April 02, 2007

80s cartoon bestiality ...

Everything old is new again, and I'm freaking glad. 1980s old is 2000 new, and I want to get cast -- voice and on camera -- for all of it.

The Transformers movie, I suspect, is going to rock. The G.I.Joe live-action movie may see the light of day (please make Snake Eyes super badass, and cast me in the film; seriously, Michael Bay never hooked me up for my Transformers plea).

Even Cabbage Patch Kids are back.

So is My Little Pony. I was at Toys "R" Us the other day, looking at stuff for me, and saw something a little odd:
"My Little Pony Wysteria as the Crystal Bride."
Bride of whom, may I ask?

Seriously, I think all of the MLPs are mares, right? So who's she mare-y-ing? Or is this a My Little Progressive Pony kind of thing?

Which got me to thinking about another gender lopsided franchise.

The Smurfs.

Which is all dudes (I try not to think about Smurfette; that whole thing creeps me out).

So, should the Ponies and three-apple-high blue men hook up?

How would Papa Smurf serenade Madame Wysteria?
"I'm down with MLP (yeah, you know me)."
What kind of freaky, multi-colored centaurish things would that make? And would Hasbro license them?

I'm spending way too much time thinking about this...

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