Saturday, December 03, 2005

I had auditions this week for Factory Girl.

The auditions were for two Day Player roles -- two different reporters -- and a good, learning kind of experience.

Lucky for me, an acting buddy reminded me "it's not 'just' a Day Player role" -- that is, it's an audition, it's a part, and it's in a feature film.

So, I continued with what's currently my acting process, which is probably midway through it's maturity.

This meant I spent a ton o' time memorizing the handful of lines (which, oddly, I still flubbed), and a lot more time building out my characters' wants, needs, history, and drives (from the sides; I believe all the info you really need comes from the script). I spent even more time reading the full (albeit outdated) script, researching Andy Warhol, Edie Sedgwick, events of the time period, and (specifically), events mentioned as parenthetical (non-dialog) references in the script.

I then went to the audition, stuck my research in my back pocket, and tried to get in the moment for the taped audition.

So, I mentioned above my acting process is probably only midway through it's maturity. This means I'm not always successful in shelving the research and staying "out of my head" during the audition.

My strength is I know this. And I'm being patient with myself as I'm refining my personal process. Plus, the taped audition was for my agent, so a got a few tries to get it right. Besides, the Casting Director(s) for the film pulled my headshot and requested a taped audition from me based on my look. Hopefully the tape of me in action just pushes me over the top in their minds'.

And if I land it, I get to schlepp to Shreveport for a day or two of filming. Yay.

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