Friday, December 23, 2005

It's Bizness.

What I do is called "The Biz", a misspelled concatenation of "business".

I've heard it said the Biz is 90% business, and 10% performance -- so I spend an appropriate amount of time on the business side my efforts.

Since it's the holidays, this was a busy week on this front, and I'm exhausted.

I sent out something like a hundred holiday cards to acting-related folks (actors, directors, coaches, and the like), and somewhere south of that to video-game related companies (I'm a huge video game fan, and want to do voice work in game titles).

My acting cards were "home-made", with a frosty window with 4 panes of glass. Within the four panes: Christmas stockings over a fireplace; a dreidel, a Kwanzaa feast, and my smiling visage.

The message? "There's always room for one more tradition."

For my potential gaming clients, I had a different card (still printed with my professional info). The card has a large Godzilla-esque creature with a miniature sleigh hanging out of his mouth, and the caption, "Santa makes a tragic turn near Tokyo". It helps that the dinosaur has an "Hmm, Venison!" thought bubble.

I like this latter card because it works if my client likes Christmas, and it works if they're opposed to the whole thing.

And I sent sweatshirts with me (six of me) on them to casting directors. I made the sweatshirts at home with artwork from a friend of mine. It meets the gift need, and it's far from serious.

Like I said, I'm exhausted. But at least it's all done.

Don't neglect the Bizness, or it'll neglect you ...

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