Tuesday, December 06, 2005

This doctor is a good listener.

I've been in the Emergency Room for the past four hours, and wow, this
doctor is a good listener.

This is a big deal, because I learned a long time ago ER docs can be kind
of calloused to protect themselves -- if I'm not dying, I can wait, thank
you very much.

Not this guy, though. The way he was listening when I was talking, and even
when HE was talking -- very cool. It's not like there's a lot of privacy in
the ER, and I noticed he was doing this with everyone -- patients, nurses,
and technicians.

This is the kind of portrayal I want to do on camera, because it's the kind
of person I want to be off camera.

I get to leave now. No big whoop, I just a had some ongoing severe head and
noggin' pain that came to a head (ha) today, and my regular doc needed to
make sure everything was OK. We're good now, thanks.

As you were...

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