Thursday, December 28, 2006

"Friday Night Lights" air date (Jan. 17)

UPDATED: Guide listings have been updated, and it looks like my FNL episode is now January 24th -- tonight's episode is a repeat of "Homecoming".

According to, the "Friday Night Lights Episode" I did -- "Little Girl I Wanna Marry You" -- airs January 17.

This is NBC's new Wednesday night slot for the series.

Please watch the show. Even if they cut out all of my menschy driver-ness, watch the series, hype it, and support this important Central Texas project.

(I'll update this post if NBC and the networks release their broadcast schedule, and it changes the date. is wrong on a couple of the other original air dates for the series, so I'll wait until the date is set "from the horse's mouth".)

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