Friday, December 22, 2006

Photoshoot ...

I had a photoshoot this week for the upcoming new monthly mag, Caught in the Act Magazine.

The shoot was for my recent role in "Friday Night Lights" (FNL). The magazine is running a feature on local folks who've done Day Player gigs on the series. So, in first issue I've got an interview, and at least one pict. And maybe an ad. Look, the Biz is 90% business ...

I got to shoot with a new photog (which I enjoy) Courtney, who was pleasant and quietly professional.

Since FNL Costuming loved the clothes I brought for my "Menschy Driver" role (I've got mixed feelings on that), I wore those some clothes for the shoot, and we took menschy photos -- me looking insecure, sweet but clueless, nice guy pushover who still lives with his parents and was on his way to get milk when he stopped to help the crazy ladies change their tire -- anything but regular ol' sexy Adam.

Stop laughing. I'm damn sexy.

Anyway, I'm excited to see the premiere issue the first part of January.

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