Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I saw "Nightlife" tonight

Tonight I got finally see a test screening of Damfino Productions Nightlife, a vampire mockumentary I've been trying to catch for some time.

The project has been a long effort, and I actually auditioned for it two-plus years ago.

I'm not in the film, but my buddy Adam Langley is (and he's good), and I was stunned by how good Avi Hartman is (a guy I'd never seen act before). Avi has a natural presentation that didn't feel too far from some of James Gandolfini's subtle efforts -- and Avi is a key part to humanizing the cast within the whole mockumentary framework.

And the Harpo vampire character was a lot of fun -- and not overplaced within the film.

We hung out for quite a while afterwards giving feedback on the film, which they really want and seem to be willing to something with.

And I was remembered for my audition. That was nice.

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