Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I love this town

Man, I love this town.

Tonight was a holiday party co-sponsored by Reel Women and The Alliance.

Great time. The venue (Hi-Lo on 6th and Lavaca) was par for the course for that part of town -- which means long, narrow shoebox bars with a lot of noise and a slim corridor between the bar and seating.

But there were so many great folks there, and the layout actually forced me to see everyone on the way to the back to drop off some raffle tickets (I never made it).

So many great people were there tonight, and way too many to give individual shout outs to.

But my Samurai class was there en masse; my current coaches (Van Brooks and Steve Prince) made appearances; I connected with past class mates I haven't seen for a while (I miss mixers anymore, with training and gigs appropriately taking precedence); Mastery alum I haven't seen in ages; the best casting directors (these particular ones socialize with the people; scandalous!).

Just a good all-around night, with great conversation with sweet and talented and sexy and supportive and accountable people.

Then it was home to send a few dozen Email telling individuals what I appreciated about them tonight, and now I've got some thoughts to jot down on my other blogs, and I've got a monolog to write out and workshop.

I wouldn't pick a different career.

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