Saturday, July 24, 2010

SDCC: Hasbro Marvel toy panel

I'm way too into Hasbro Marvel toys, with my main gripe being I can't find the ones I want easily at all.

So the best news for me was that re-orders for all of the current series figures.

My favorite lines are the Marvel Universe 3.75" scale figs, the Super Hero Squad, and the too-little-loved-of-late Marvel Legends figures.

2011 Finishing Out:

Super Hero Squad - Helicarrier, quinjet, and S.H.I.E.L.D. car! Battle for Asgard TRU exclusive!

Marvel Universe - there will be a dark purple variant Galactus.

2011 previews:

Big focus on Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America.

New toys based on the upcoming Avengers animated series.

6-inch Iron Man Legends will debut, and be a mix of movie and classic comic book figures.

There will be Captain America toys, which will be fine, if I don't have to buy one with a sculpt of Chris Evans face.

The only Super Hero Squad thing that hit me excited was The Blackbird vehicle.

For Marvel Universe, Olivier Coipel is the packaging artist.

Cyclops! Apocalypse! Spider-Man 2099! Spider Woman! Original Avengers 3-pack (including tiny Ant Man and The Wasp)! Frost Giant and Loki giant pack (the former is _sick_)! Bill Foster and Ragnorok Clone Thor! Sentinel and Wolverine giant pack!

2012 Previews:

2012 will see the return of the Marvel Legends line "in a big way"!

No commitment to the build-a-figure (BAF) plans, which I'm fine with.

There will obviously be products for all three Marvel movies.

And there were some teases for Marvel Universe 3.75" scale vehicles.

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