Saturday, July 24, 2010

SDCC: Marvel Cup o' Joe

Always entertaining, witty, and snarky.

The panel was a bit canniballized by Marvel's own Thor / Kenneth Brannaugh event at the same time.

Panelists included Joe Quesada, Arune Singh, Axel Alanso, Brian Michael Bendis, Matt Fraction, C.B. Cbulski, Jeph Loeb, and Mark Pannicia.

Harkins and Jeff Parker will be taking over Hulk.

Avengers 3 will debut in 2011, with art by Ed McGuiness.

There will be a Tron: Evolution backstory series.

There was a logo teaser due in 2011, that I sadly didn't recognize.

There was a bit about the Disney acquisition of Marvel, how Marvel is given the economy to do what they do well, and some complementary words about Disney / ABC CEO Bob Iger as a leader.  Very positive, encouraging stuff, but I'm biased.

There were a lot of teases to teases for the 4:15 Avengers panel, which I'll be missing, because of our own Disney Epic Mickey panel.

Quesada gave a great summary of the decline of the comics industry in the late 90s, and Marvel's amazingly paced rebuilding of each individual character and book before getting too ambitious with cross-overs. I also like his making sure cross-overs like Civil War contained in the core series, without forcing people to by non-core books.

Fraction is hilarious (in-person or via Twitter), and teased there may be more Iron Fist in his future ("Though to be fair, I have dumb ")

Any Disney characters they wish you could write?

Fraction: Balu the Bear (for his daughter)
Alonso: Goofy (and Deadpool)
Quesada: "A story where Mephisto breaks up Mickey and Minnie; it's called 'One Mouse in Time'."

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