Thursday, July 22, 2010

SDCC: Mondo Marvel

Lot of series reveals:

Holy cow - 4 Captain America books? Mark Waid back on the character with Man Out of Time!

Ultimate Thor!

Ultimate Doom!

Strange Tales Volume 2.

An Iron Man and Thor book, from the "Marvel cosmic team".

New Power Man (new kid as the character; er ...) and Iron Fist.

Rocket Raccoon and Groot, coming out of the Thanos Imperative, and Mike Mignola back to Marvel to do covers!

Wait, the Thanos Imperative has Beta Ray Bill? Time to add that book to my pull.

Q & A:

Brian Michael Bendis says the Sentry will always be dead in his books. Yay.

Bendis says they're going to clean up the "magic issues in the Marvel Universe". Good.

Then he said Killraven is coming into the main Marvel Universe? I can't tell if he's joking.

"With our new Disney ties, and the expansion of Marvel Japan, we may see more work with Japanese creators."

(Can't wait to see the new Marvel anime line, like the Studio Madhouse Iron Man that debuts Friday.)

(They're giving away "pieces of Groot to good questions, with certificates of authenticity. Brilliant.)

Newly minted head of TV Jeff Loeb talked a bit about Marvel live-action. Very non-commital, but with a pledge of quality. Wonder what happened to Moon Knight that was filming in Vancouver in 2007?

Marvel still doesn't have the rights to Rom, but the Space Knights will be making an appearance in future Avengers.

There will be more Beta Ray Bill coming! No deets.

More Marvel horror characters will be making appearances.

Fun stuff, but not as big as 2007's Mondo Marvel.

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