Monday, November 14, 2005

"Batman" audition

I just left an audition for a UT student film.

I haven't auditioned for a student film for a while -- so what changed my mind?
I'd get to play Batman.

I'm a borderline comic book fanboy (and I've already auditioned to be the voice of Captain America), so this is a good opportunity to flex my comic book chops in an on-screen short. An action short. Hope the choreography doesn't suck.

The downside? The script's not really canon -- kind of an "Elseworlds"
UltraLite -- but still fun.

The other downside is I dunno if the guys love the material. They happen to
have a nice Batsuit, and they built the project around that.

I love the material, though. So maybe it evens out.

And I've got the voice. Check out my Character Voice Demo, and tell me if I'm wrong...

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