Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I went to the Reel Women "First Monday Mix" last night.

The Mix is generally a good chance for me to meet new folks, catch up with friends, and enjoy Opal Divine's massive draft selection (Smithwicks for me tonight, which is a good Irish red).

I felt both kind of rushed and low-key tonight, so I kept my networking effort somewhat small tonight.

I caught up with acting buddy and former classmate Richard Ricks (we've been sort of chasing each other for a couple of years), touched base with just getting into the game Deana Ricks, and met recent transplant (and Production hopeful) Marianne, 6-month set dresser Jennifer, Production Assistant and 2nd cam operator Cari, and finally got a chance to say hi to Gary Chason.

Unfortunately, the Mix is usually at the 6th street Opal Divine's, but tonight it was at the Penn Field location. Trying to get their for a 6 p.m. start in Austin rush hour traffic isn't something of which I'm in a hurry to make a habit, so we'll see how often I attend these things if the venue change holds.

I then headed north and hung out with rennaisance man Adam Langley. Dude's a prince of a guy.

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