Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Interviews and auditions are different versions of the same animal.

Way back when, I nailed a couple of auditions when I got myself into the mindset they were the same as interviews.

Seems like it's time to come full circle, and go after interviews with the same "make something happen" attitude I have for auditions.

I'm a firm believer in auditioning and interviewing constantly, even if I'm on the greener grass. It keeps me sharp, keeps me hungry, gives me perspective, and when I'm ready for a new challenge and want to make things happen somwhere else, I'm that much more ready to make the change.

I realize even though I made a decision to keep auditioning and acting up at the same pace, I haven't been really diligent, and sometime back fell into an "either-or" habit -- either auditioning, or interviewing.

Gonna be a busy few weeks ...

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