Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Where have all the geeks gone?

Where have all the geeks gone?

I went out to try to find some midnight madness for the November 1 release of the Star Wars Episode III DVD, and the Star Wars Battlefront II PC and console video game.

I went by a Circuit City, an EB Games, and even made myself go by a Wal-Mart, before finding a party at a local Hastings. And by "party" I mean like 5 people, and only one in Star Wars-themed get up (the kid in the pict above).

he was dressed as "Anakin Skywalker" (Hayden Christensen) -- scar and all -- and probably would have had the best Star Wars costume. Even if there had actually been some competition.

I'm guessing the Force wasn't strong with this young one, since he was oblivious to my following him around to snap this picture.

I wanted to adopt the kid so he could make it through high school. He was making conversation with 3 of the other costumed attendees, and was asking things like, "So, are you a Dark Knight Returns concept Robin?"

Sad. But dedicated to his geekdom.

And I didn't even get me an Ewok ...

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