Friday, January 20, 2006

In-house industrial audition ...

I had a really good audition Thursday for a one-time use in-house industrial.

It was good for a number of reasons (no priority implied): I really enjoy improv auditions, because though acting for me is play, improv is really permission for me to let my luscious locks down. Though, to be honest, this afternoon's improv may have been less improv and more reliving my morning at home.

Oh, and my Swiss Army Knife of a courier bag that holds all things acting? Saved me yet again with my little cordless electric razor when I found one savage (and angry) mutant hair that had somehow avoided my mirror scrutiny until right before the audition (we're talking facial hair, ladies). But it was no match for vibrating blades and elbow grease.

I really like auditioning ...

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