Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Loki's a nubby!

OK, I'm not a big believer in "luck", "chance", "fate", or their variants (though I've got empirical knowledge of the power and applicability of "randomness" and "chaos").

However, I'm beginning to wonder if my dog, Loki (and/or I), is/am cursed.

Loki's already gone through a lot, but last week, she had to go in for an emergency tail amputation. The details leading up to the surgery aren't pleasant, so let's just summarize them as follows:
Crate tail. Gangrene. Dogs lack the cognizant abilities of humans.
The net result being Loki now looks like a stocky, brutish vizsla.

So, not only is Loki not getting cool new stuff (like an anti-cat rocket tail) for the small fortune getting pumped into her, but she's getting body parts taken away (so, far, the spleen and tail).

I wonder if I should have asked them to keep her pieces, so I can build a back-up dog ...

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