Monday, May 29, 2006

Moving, Days #3 and #4

Moving Day #3 wasn't that hard, mainly because I got started too late to do
much useful (delayed because of a late-running audition and spending waaaay
too much time/money at Lowe's; those guys have got a brilliant market
concept). Anyway, yesterday was mainly replacing nobs and fixtures to dress
up the place.

Sunday was more productive, if tedious ( and though still with a late
start). But I did fix some plumbing, hang accordion doors, add baseboards
and quarter-round, patch (cut, fit, and mud) drywall, water the lawns, take
out the trash (at both houses), get another load from the old house to the
new house, and buy a coffee table and a bunch of shirts for auditioning
this summer.

The shirts are for auditioning. The coffee table is for sitting at while
I'm not auditioning ...

It's 2 a.m. I hurt all over, I'm tired, and I'm feeling kind of pissy.

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