Monday, May 08, 2006

Selfish birthday weekend: Day #3

The Blow-By-Blow:

Selfish birthday weekend: Day #3

Yesterday (Sunday) was "Selfish Birthday Weekend dday 3", and my official birthday.

I spent a great lazy morning with coffee, a fried egg and bagel sandwich, the Sunday paper, and several more issues of the New Avengers comic book -- which I now have to stop reading, because it referenced the recent Secret Wars mini-series, which I have, but have not read. Damn crossovers!

Then it was off to lunch with Loved Ones at Pok-e-Joe's (sorry, Vegans), to Best Buy to treat myself to a Wacom graphics tablet (for that top-secret project I keep teasing about), Fry's to replace all of old-gen Xbox controllers with dirt-cheap Bluetooth controllers, then home to enjoy some more relaxing, reading, and playing in the back yard.

Then dinner at Buca di Beppo with Loved Ones again for a great birthday dinner.

Then home for some more Biz work, and to watch Yours Mine & Ours. Really nice birthday. And I got another Xbox 360 wireless controller, the first season of 24 on DVD, and another Captain America toy.

"What's my age again?"

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