Sunday, May 07, 2006

Selfish birthday weekend: Day #2

The Blow-By-Blow:

Selfish birthday weekend: Day #2

Saturday was official Day #2 of my planned selfish Birthday weekend, and I'm having a good run of it.

Slept in, read quite a bit, then was off to Cracker Barrel for brunch(ish) before heading home to do a bunch of blogging (Acting x3, Video Gaming, etc.).

I then got caught up on a bunch of video game videos, game art, interviews, and a couple of demos, before treating myself to another 3+ mile run.

Then it was off for a get together with a ton of friends, and a very sweet happy birthday cake and ice cream episode.

Then home to get caught up on some TV (The Apprentice and a couple of Justice League Unlimited episodes -- and "Ancient History" was really lacking in continuity and importance and voice acting), some more reading, and bed.

Great, great weekend.

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