Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Industrial audition today ...

I had just got back from a good audition for an industrial today.

Industrials can be tough, because they're often dry, usually due to their instructional nature.

The sides I had for today's audition were fun, and riffed on a TV franchise I really enjoy. Kudos to the producers for having fun with the content.

It was a full, dense page of text, but I still made sure to do my whole acting process -- write it out, make choices, memorize, and so on -- and I'd like to think the memorization part put be ahead of the game (and I only muffed up one word) ...

I ran into acting friend Doran Ingram at the audition. If not me for this gig, I would be totally happy if he got it.

And though I am arguably a little out of type for the written description of the project's role, the casting director bringing me in is a nod to her belief in my abilities, as well as her tuned sense of what can work for a project. Which I find very encouraging.

Every audition is a gift ...

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