Friday, October 13, 2006

Another story/project idea ...

I've been writing a lot on my "super-secret episodic project", and I think I've got 13-18 episodes written, storyboarded a few, and am pretty excited about that project.

And it's comedy.

But I've been rattling something around my head for the last 3 weeks that I've kind of pushed down, and tonight it wanted out.
Because all I give you is the camel-cased codename.

I've been struck by a trend in dramatic television -- the locked-down locale.

Lost. Prison Break. The Nine.

Constrained locales.

So I blurted out 3 heavy pages of notes, setups and dialog snippets for a different kind of restrained. Some tough stuff. Some uplifting and meaningful stuff. Maybe it'll be an episodic drama. Maybe it'll be a constrained flick like Mad City. Dunno.

This brings my current slate of in-process projects to 12.

I just went through and reviewed a bunch of my projects. There's some big stuff going on here.

I've got to get off my ass and make this happen.

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