Wednesday, October 11, 2006

"The Torture Room"

I did a cool little piece tonight for a film called The Torture Room, by now-local film auteur Robert Hebert.

It's an Outer Limits-esque short, which had a lot of voice work from me, and was a low-pressure, fun project of which to be a part.

In acting, I want to do the projects I want to do, with the people with whom I want to work. It was cool to meet someone new who fits the bill.

And getting the gig was one of those "semi-Hollywood-esque" kind of things. But the version I like.

I met talented actress and singer Julia LaShae (also in the film) while taking Will Wallace's acting workshop (twice). She had my demo CD laying out, and Rob saw it, and asked about me.

Julia said some very kind things about my being one of like 3 people that stayed to support remaining actors when Will's workshop went late and he gave folks the option to bail. (Hey, I'm sure folks had good reasons to leave; and I might next time.)

Rob said he thought I might be the kind of the guy with whom he'd like to work.

The "kind of guy" he'd like to work with. On top of my voice demo and resume.

How cool is that?

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