Saturday, October 28, 2006

"Thanksgiving" film shoot ...

I spent yesterday doing a film shoot and voice over recording for a super-short piece, Thanksgiving, for eleven72 Productions.

The piece is cool, sentimental, and gave me a lot of opportunity to emote without the crutch of my voice.

OK, that may be funny for a voice actor to say, but the piece is all on-camera sans audio, with me doing the voice over the top of it. I got to put into practice a lot of recent stuff I've been getting out of Meisner, and last weekend's workshop with Dan Fauci. Emotional prep, just being, etc.

I've been suffering from a terrible head cold this week, so the shoot was a challenge (and the voice over really kicked my butt, as my voice kept dropping or sounding "mushy" in longer takes), but writer/director/producer Storme Wood (Don't Know Why) is a phenomenally great and easy going guy with whom to work. I also re-met sound guy Jason Young, and got to record in a new home studio (I really enjoy that). Jason's one of those amazing guys who can see things in the sound envelope, and hear stuff that I can't (and fix it).

I also learned that I'm really hard on myself in my voice acting (just my voice acting?), but found I sounded much better on playback than over the headset.

I also hung out during the audio post prod effort, so I could get insight into what I was doing well, and what I could do to save the engineers' time later.

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